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Easy to Get Started

Sign up as an individual, through your school or nonprofit organization.

Video Based Courses

Use your mobile device or video camera to create content for your courses easily.

Knowledge You Already Know Well

Teach about a subject you know very well. Showcase an academic, social or athletic skill.

Three Areas For Courses

Create academic, social or athletic based courses. 

Create Short Courses

Develop courses that are seven to ten lessons. This allows for instructors to create a course within a short time period.

Award Certificates

Award passing certificates to students. Validate certificates using certificate codes.

Award Badges

Award excellence badges to deserving students in course. 

E-Learning Portal

With Genius Ready you get a lot powerful features yo start your online business.

  • Create courses online using screen capture software, mobile devices or video camera
  • Sell courses online to friends, family and even others around the world
  • Prices for courses are preset, making selling easy. 
  • Earn commissions easily online.

Get started with Genius Ready!

Use the knowledge that you have already learned. Create courses for others. Earn extra money!



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Get started now  Online courses, create and sell courses, students, course stats, student stats, reports, import export and much more..





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